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What is M'TAM ℠

The M'TAM Temple of Kemetic Philosophy and Spirituality ℠

M'TAM ℠ is the oldest initiatic science and offers the most ancient knowledge humans have produced. It is the entirety of the often cited "Mystery Schools". In order to fit the modern lifestyle, M'TAM ℠ is structured in three disciplines: Medu (Language), Ka'at Ibi (Meditation) & Sounnt (Healing).

The Mission

Bringing Diverse People Togehter

The mission of the M'TAM ℠ Temple is to bring diverse peoples together so that they can learn to grow with one another. Including all cultures and ethnicities is vital for M'TAM ℠ because its philosophy promotes maintaining the balance necessary for the becoming of existence, enhancing preserving Earth and preserving all human beings.

Spiritual Studies



Medu, commonly known throughout the world as Hieroglyphs is humanity’s oldest language. This class is divided into two portions: lecture and technical. The Medu language continues to be spoken today in Africa and is the cornerstone of the M’TAM Initiation.

Ka'at Ibi


Ka’at Ibi is humanity’s original form of meditation. Ka’at Ibi was used in the temples of the Nile Valley by priests. This class is divided into two portions: lecture and technical where initiates learn a variety of breathing techniques, postures, body movements, chants, stretches, etc.



The Sount class is very technical and straightforward. Students learn firsthand what healing is, the goal of a healer and the discipline that comes with this responsibility. Students will learn how to identify various diseases and how traditional herbs work.

Temple Happenings

Lecture | Who Are The Dogon

Initatic Doors Opening In Baltimore

Initatic Doors Opening In Toronto

The MTAM ℠ Temple is a religious organization based on respect of human dignity regardless of race, gender, age, political belief, or socioeconomic status.

M’TAM Temple of Kem Philosophy and Spirituality.℠

Open Hours

Temple is open All days.
You will need to call ahead for specific times.


Temple locations are West Africa, USA, Canada, UK.

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